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Curbed - Transforming Apartment Fits Everything You Need in 309 Square Feet

Transformer Apartment Kitchen

Transforming apartments—oh you know, a movable wall here, a drop-down bed there—are nothing new, but this micro apartment renovation in Hong Kong takes it to another level with the sheer scope of small-space design wizardry deployed across the 309-square-foot space. Given how notoriously cramped Hong Kong flats are, however, clever design may be more of an necessity than a fancy touch.

To design the dream apartment for a couple and their three cats, local firm LAAB had to think beyond 3D space and take into account a fourth dimension of time. This means planning for all the different functions the space might serve throughout the day, from a dressing room in the morning to a kitchen during meal times to a media room when friends come over to an anytime workout space, and so on.

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