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Apartment Therapy - 2 People, 3 Cats, 309 Square Feet: A Magical Transforming Hong Kong Apartment

In Hong Kong, one of the most densely packed cities in the world, a young couple presented their architects with a seemingly impossible challenge: designing an apartment that would include a large kitchen, a home theater, a bathroom with a tub, and sleeping spaces for the couple and their overnight guests. The space also had to acommodate the couple's three cats — and all this in 309 square feet.

The solution from the architects at LAAB is a miracle of multitasking: the bathtub turns into a sofa, a vanity folds out from a bookcase, and the sink disappears to turn the kitchen into a workspace. It's also one of the most high-tech tiny apartments I've ever seen: the apartment includes pneumatic underfloor storage, kitchen cabinets that recess into the ceiling at the push of a button, and a sliding wall with a television that turns the kitchen into a home theater.

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