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Treehugger - "Form follows time" in tiny transformer apartment

“Form follows Function” is a phrase usually credited to the great Chicago architect Louis Sullivan. In his book Theory and Design in the First Machine Age, Reyner Banham called it “an empty jingle.” In designing a tiny 309 square foot apartment in Hong Kong, architecture and design firm LAAB modify it to “Form follows time,” where they use all kinds of modern technology, from moving walls and sliding screens to Hue bulbs to electronic locks, to build an apartment that adapts through time. I wonder if they have read Banham, who also notes in the book (written in 1960):

It may well be that what we have hitherto understood as architecture, and what we are beginning to understand of technology, are incompatible disciplines. The architect who proposes to run with technology knows now that he will be in fast company…. If, on the other hand, he decides not to do this, he may find that a technological culture has decided to go on without him.

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