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HypeBeast - LAAB Somehow Smart-Furnished This 309-Square-Foot Apartment in Central, Hong Kong

Transformer Apartment Cats

Hong Kong is known to be one of the most densely populated cities in the world, with a staggering population of more than 7 million people crammed within 426 square miles — apartments with any space above 400 square feet is considered royalty by locals. This realization didn’t stop design firm LAAB however, when it received the job of outfitting Michelle Tennant and Andy Knight’s 309-square-foot apartment in Central.

The resulting “smartflat” incorporates some of the most modern design ideas and technologically advanced mechanisms, all contained with the box no larger than a suburban American home’s common living room. Centering around the main living space, everything is within arm’s reach, whether tucked away into the ceiling and floors, sectioned with movable walls, or utilized with dual functionality (the bathtub doubles as the guest bed space) — all of which take advantage of the latest in smart-home technologies.

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