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Design Taxi - Amazing 309-Sq-Ft Smart Tiny Apartment Has Full Kitchen, Bathtub, Cinema & More

Transformer Apartment Home Cinema

Tucked away in Central, Hong Kong is a smart, space-saving tiny apartment that hides numerous delightful surprises within its tight 309-square-foot interior. The high-tech house was designed by architecture and design firm LAAB for couple Michelle and Andy, as well as their three cats. The creative team overcame the apartment’s space constraints by doubling the bathtub as a sofa, installing a pullout television wall in front of the kitchen, adding in a dividing wall that not only segregates the additional sleeping beds for guests, but also serves as a vanity counter and shelving unit, fitting in a transformable sink and faucet, kitchen cabinet elevator, under-floor storage, heavy duty hook that enables Andy to workout at home, and last but not least, cat walks and concealed cat bowls for the felines.

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