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Chipchick - You Won’t Believe How Luxurious This 309 Square Foot Hong Kong Apartment Is

Transfomer Apartment Home Cinema

Everyone remembers the first time they watched a video about a super small transforming apartment online. For me, it was this Gizmodo video about a 420 square foot apartment in SoHo that crammed eight functional rooms in by using a moving wall and pull-out furniture and appliances. Well, whenever the transforming apartment thing actually started, it’s now become a full-blown trend — little wonder, considering what housing costs in big cities across the globe look like these days. The latest one making the rounds might be the smallest one we’ve seen yet — it’s a 309 square foot apartment in Hong Kong, and it’s just as friendly for cats as it is for the owners.

Michelle Tennant and Andy Knight really wanted to live in central Hong Kong. Fair enough — central Hong Kong is a pretty happening place. The other thing about central Hong Kong is that it is very, very expensive and the apartment sizes are very, very small. If 309 square feet is not something to be expected, it’s at the very least not a surprise. But, the couple didn’t want to sacrifice anything in the way of amenities, so they started making some calls until they finally talked to LAAB.

Read the full article here

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