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Cat resting on sofa inside the transformer apartment
The Challenge


Central district in the heart of Hong Kong's financial capital is the most expensive part of one of the world's most expensive cities. In 2016, the average price per square foot in Central was over HKD 14000 (more than USD 1800),  and property prices continue to rise. When Michelle Tennant and Andy Knight decided to purchase their home in Central, the high cost of the area meant their budget would only net them a few hundred square foot space. To realise their luxury living ambitions, they had to get creative.

The Plan


Instead of putting all of their home purchase budget into the property purchase, the pair instead decided to take a risk. They chose to purchase a smaller apartment than they had planned and then invest the money saved into a unique, ultra-space efficient, and high-tech design that would make the small space out-perform a much larger one. This was the beginning of the Small Home, Smart Home project and the start of the pair's collaboration with LAAB Architects.

The Result

Working with LAAB Architects, the pair achieved their ambitious goal with a unique transforming apartment. As the above video shows, the couple today live in a home with many facets of high-end luxury living including a 5m long kitchen two tier cinema-seating, 55" TV, a plethora of cleverly hidden cat friendly features and much more. All in a mere 309 square feet. Their innovative and small yet comfortable home has gone on to receive worldwide acclaim and praise for its architectural innovation.

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